Who We Help: LGAs & Governments

Council Skip bins for LGA's and Government

Across the world, every individual recognises the problem of waste management — rising CO2 emissions, cluttered streets, illegal dumping, overflowing landfill sites.

We helped the Gold Coast council divert up to 78% of their waste from landfill.

Combining technology and data to maximise waste diversion

Australia is a stunning country, filled with local people who truly care about keeping their homeland green and taking steps towards becoming more and more sustainable.

So, keeping the streets clean and raising the recycling and sustainability standards across our great nation is naturally one of the highest priorities for LGAs and governments. 

To do all this, there is a need for:

handel: was born to support you.

Today, LGAs and governments everywhere are committing to increasing sustainability targets – to see the world left better than they found it. That’s why handel: was born – out of a desire to help LGAs and governments divert waste away from landfill across Australia.

The alternative option? A lightweight, traceable, and user-friendly FlexiSkip.

handel’s customer-centric platform allows your residents to choose a more sustainable future

That’s where handel: steps in, helping everyday Australians take control of their waste management and governments to truly enable sustainability. handel’s technology, and the easily accessible data collected from the waste management service, are actively increasing transparency, traceability, and confidence with how local councils are managing waste services.

Within LGAs, achieving waste diversion from landfill and critical sustainability targets starts with handel: helping ratepayers easily segregate their waste at home, convenient and tidy on-demand pick-up and the confidence that waste will be properly recycled.

Actively working to empower governments and LGAs to achieve environmental goals

This innovative waste management platform and service challenges the existing traditional unsustainable waste management practices. By intelligently integrating with existing service providers and a growing network of new recycling operators such as World’s Biggest Garage Sale, handel: is empowering governments to achieve sustainability targets in a brand new and cost-effective way.

We are backed by reliable supply chain and logistics partners enabling us to deliver a higher standard of services to the local community and local government responsible for moving towards a sustainable future. What’s more, handel: is facilitating economic growth by employing locals. Everyday, we are encouraging Australians to become an active part in making their suburb, community and city a better, more environmentally sustainable place.

Why the handel: solution?

Cleaner and safer streets compared to traditional bulky kerbside services
Asset-light model ideal for scaling and reducing friction with residents due to delays on service provisions
On-demand and resident-friendly
Empowers local businesses
Majority of the revenue stays local!
Transparent and data-driven
Easily scalable to manage peaks and disaster events
Ideal for MUDs by stemming uptake
Reduces illegal dumping

Take the next step in seeing actionable change

Revolutionising waste on the Gold Coast

For too long, waste from the kerbside has been crushed and taken to landfill. At handel: we are using technology, backed by local participation to upcycle and recycle Gold Coast’s unwanted goods. handel: is aiming to achieve maximum waste is diverted from landfills and that the maximum benefit stays in the community.