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Construction & Commercial waste removal services

Changing the approach to waste diversion

Sustainability has long been recognised as a frontier that needs to be thoughtfully and effectively managed by small and large organisations alike. Finding cost-effective and efficient solutions that genuinely strive to do the right thing by companies and their consumers can, at times, be time consuming and seemingly impossible. 

However, handel: is actively changing the way businesses have always approached waste diversion with an innovative platform intentionally designed to disrupt typical waste management solutions.

handel: is revolutionising waste management

We do this by offering a simplified approach to step into the future. We provide a cost-effective solution to waste management that has never been done before. 

With our platform, you can access waste management data easily. We also enable local owner-operators to support their communities, leading to strengthened economic growth. Our approach diverts waste from landfills and promotes recycling.

Sustainable & cost-effective waste management solution every business needs

Managing a project can be a daunting task, leaving little room to prioritise waste management, which can often become an afterthought instead of a core focus for organisations. 

This is where handel: comes in to assist you. Our platform, which is driven by data, merges technology with data to provide a flexible, frictionless and on-demand services. We make it easy for your business to take the necessary steps towards becoming more environmentally conscious and sustainable. Just download our app or sign up online now and get started.

Project waste management designed to make diversion from landfill simple and cost-effective

For all construction projects, insurance and building management, handel: is making a data-rich service easily accessible. Therefore allowing project and building managers all over Australia to have confidence and the peace of mind knowing that we provide full compliance, accountability, traceability, sustainability and commerciality on a higher level than any other waste management company.

Minimising carbon footprints and waste management spending

With real-time data, actionable trends, and insight into waste management that businesses all around Australia need, handel’s frictionless and centralised service gives project and building managers simplified and cost-effective solutions to better manage waste. Our focus is on re-using, recycling and repurposing your project’s waste to aim for better standards of waste management nation-wide. 

Whether it’s per project, or aimed at an overarching commercial organisation, your carbon footprint is guaranteed to be minimised via handel’s technology and data-centric approach to waste management. Alongside a reduction in waste management expenditure and back-end procurement.

Why should you partner with handel’s cost-effective waste management platform

Minimising total waste within project and building management

It’s crucial to minimise total wastage being produced and sent to landfill from construction sites and other buildings. handel: is creating a simplified, cost-effective way to segregate waste items to enable better recycling and collection so that it’s as streamlined as possible.

CO2e reduction

Carbon footprints are particularly prevalent within large buildings or construction sites. With machinery, transport, new products and people utilising the area on a daily basis, the carbon footprint left behind is substantial. handel: is dedicated to minimising carbon footprints in all industries by diverting waste from landfill to significantly reduce the amount of toxic gases expelled by these sites – a hugely important step towards sustainability.

Keeping Australia’s natural beauty maintained for future generations through waste reuse

Recycling products has seen a huge upwards trend recently in Australia and we are a driving force in promoting the Circular Economy which is vital for long-term sustainability. handel’s customer-centric approach is delivering increased transparency on waste flows to businesses and individuals to inform and set sustainability targets and goals. All of our owner-operators have been intentionally given the necessary tools to ensure that appropriate waste streams are being utilised to up-cycle products.

Providing cleaner, safer buildings & worksites

It’s straightforward – when we get a notification that our waste receptacle is full, we send out a partner from our supplier network to collect it. This is part of our commitment to deliver efficient and cost-effective waste management solutions, by limiting collection services only when needed. We’ve proven time and time again that handel’s platform is a cleaner and safer alternative to other long-standing waste management services. The good news is that this is only a small part of what handel: can do – we are fully committed to providing the best waste management solution that industries and businesses can rely on.

Revolutionising waste on the Gold Coast

For far too long, waste from the kerbside has been crushed and taken to landfill. At handel: we are using technology, backed by local participation, to upcycle and recycle Gold Coast’s unwanted goods. handel: is aiming to achieve maximum waste diverted from landfills and that the benefit stays within the community.