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Advancing the waste industry through data management

The handel: Platform provides a comprehensive waste management service for governments, SMEs and enterprise clients.

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Bulky Kerbside Collection

Convenient bulky kerbside collection service for eligible City of Gold Cost residents.

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The handel: App is the simplest way to book a waste removal service.


Today’s the day to de-clutter! Find out if our FLEXiSKIP services are available in your area.

In 2017, 20.5 million tonnes of Australian waste was sent to landfill for disposal. We're already making an impact on reducing this number.

Source :  ABS

This is why handel: is committed to helping anyone, big or small

LGAs & Governments

The handel: Platform provides a comprehensive waste management and recycling services for governments and large organisational government schemes.

Backed by governments, we leverage the resident and stakeholders to utilise technology and data to maximise resource recovery.

Construction, Insurance, Building Management

Being our clients’ service provider of choice for all project waste management and recycling requirements.

handel’s frictionless and centralised service is backed by high quality, real-time data & reporting to better manage your waste. Focussed on reuse and repurposing your projects waste.

General - Home, Office & SMEs

Leveraging our corporate services we are bring our easy-to-use service to assist small business owners and residents to save money, reduce their carbon footprints and be part of a revolution to end waste.

Take the next step in seeing actionable change

Who is handel:?

We are an environmentally focussed company enabling simple and effective waste management solutions that scale from local to global.
handel: delivers customer-centric technology to provide on-demand, cost-effective, flexible services alongside its JV and collection partners that are significantly better for people, businesses, governments and the environment.

handel's Platform allows and aids the supply chain of waste management with ethical outcomes for people and planet.

How handel: makes a difference

step one


When waste management services are requested through the app, we will alert our third-party suppliers and send out an available dispatch to deliver the requested items or services. 

step two


Once the waste receptacle is full and ready for collection, an alert is broadcasted to our panel of compliant and registered Supply Partners ready for acceptance.

step three


Through our routing technology the vehicle is directed to a specialised recycling partner based off the waste’s composition to increase resource recovery and beneficial reuse.

Our goal to utilise the handel: Platform to navigate the entire stewardship of the waste, from its origin to the destination via our appointed logistics partner, we ensure handel’s vision to end waste via controlling the whole waste journey.

step four


We provide comprehensive, economy-wide and real-time data to support sustainable governance on all waste streams across all sectors in waste generation.

Analysing trends to better understand behaviours within the ESG market.

Why you should care about diverting your waste from landfill

Reduce total domestic waste

The domestic household is key to unlocking valuable commodity resource recovery within our waste flows. Our platform enables segregation of waste at its source to facilitate maximum diversion from landfill. Currently batteries, e-waste, soft plastics, white goods, containers, dormant goods and other commodities present significant lost opportunity for valuable resource recovery which are still filling up landfills.

CO2e reduction

Every person on the planet has a carbon footprint left behind from the energy, waste and transport they use. We are striving to make this footprint become a toeprint! Through reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfill, we are also reducing the toxic gases released into the atmosphere by overflowing landfill sites. 

Maximise waste reuse

Improving the quality of recycled goods is imperative to increase demand and promote the Circular Economy. Our data-centric platform provides transparency on waste flows to enhance quality & assurance standards for recycled materials. Our panel of suppliers are connected with appropriate waste streams to up-cycle and maximise recovery.

Provide cleaner, safer streets

handel: provides a cleaner and safer alternative to traditional methods of waste management. Working with our network of suppliers and limiting collection services to those who have specifically requested them, we significantly reduce reliability on infrastructure and assets and streamline the waste industry.

Take the next step in seeing actionable change

Revolutionising waste on the Gold Coast

For too long, waste from the kerbside has been crushed and taken to landfill. At handel: we are using technology, backed by local participation to upcycle and recycle Gold Coast’s unwanted goods. handel: is aiming to achieve maximum waste is diverted from landfills and that the maximum benefit stays in the community. 

Proof in numbers of why handel:

1000 +
tonnes of waste collected
10000 +
1000 +
landfill diversion

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